Something is Missing – Tattoo

Something is Missing – Tattoo

Chinese tattoos have gained popularity all over the world, with people often getting inked with Chinese characters to
convey deep meanings or simply for aesthetic purposes. One particularly intriguing phrase that has emerged in recent
years is “something is missing,” written in Chinese characters.

The Intriguing Meaning of “Something is Missing” Tattoo

Getting a “something is missing” tattoo can be a profound statement about the human condition. It represents the
universal feeling of emptiness or longing that many individuals experience at some point in their lives. This concept
revolves around a sense of incompleteness, highlighting the idea that there is always something missing in our

At first glance, this phrase may seem pessimistic, suggesting that life is perpetually lacking something. However, it
can also be seen as a call to action, urging individuals to reflect on their aspirations and pursue personal growth
until they feel whole.

The Symbolism of the Characters

In Chinese culture, characters are more than just a form of communication – they carry deep symbolic meanings. The
characters used to represent “something is missing” in a tattoo are “有所缺失” (yǒu suǒ quē shī) in Simplified

“有” (yǒu) means “to have” or “to possess,” while “所” (suǒ) is a versatile word that can mean “each,” “every,” or
“all.” “缺失” (quē shī) translates to “deficiency” or “absence.” Combining these characters evokes a powerful sense
that there is something lacking or missing from one’s life or existence.

The Art of Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy, an ancient art form, adds an additional layer of depth and beauty to this tattoo. Each stroke is
deliberate and carries meaning, making the composition visually striking. The fluidity of the characters can evoke
emotions and create a sense of harmony.

When choosing a tattoo artist, it is crucial to find someone experienced in Chinese calligraphy, as they can bring
out the essence of each character. The brushwork should reflect the emotions associated with the phrase, emphasizing
the personal significance of the tattoo.

Personal Interpretation and Reflection

Interpreting the meaning of a “something is missing” tattoo can vary from person to person. Here are a few possible

  • Embracing Imperfection: This tattoo could signify accepting the imperfections within ourselves and learning to
    appreciate them as part of our unique journey.
  • Constant Growth: The phrase encourages a continual quest for personal growth and self-improvement.
  • A Reminder of Purpose: It can serve as a reminder to reflect upon our passions and aspirations to find what is
    missing in our lives.
  • Appreciation for Life: This tattoo can represent an appreciation for the transient nature of life and the longing
    for something more.


A “something is missing” tattoo in Chinese carries significant meaning and artistic value. It reminds us that life is
a journey of self-discovery and continuous growth. Whether it represents a sense of longing, a call to action, or a
reminder of imperfection, this tattoo sparks introspection and personal interpretation. Remember, each individual
has their own unique story and understanding of what is missing.