Funny Tattoos with Chinese Characters

Funny Tattoos with Chinese Characters

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo with Chinese characters but want to add a touch of humor to it? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore some hilarious ideas for funny tattoos featuring Chinese characters.

1. Insanely Incorrect

If you want a tattoo that’s so wrong, it’s right, go for a Chinese character that has a completely different meaning than you expect. Imagine getting a character that should mean “wisdom,” but instead, it translates to “fried chicken.” This unexpected twist will surely bring laughter to everyone who sees it.

2. Lost in Translation

Chinese characters can sometimes have multiple meanings, and without proper context, they can become comical. Choose a character that has a serious meaning in Chinese but translate it into English word-for-word. This could result in hilarious phrases like “cabbage soup” or “toilet paper.” It’s the perfect conversation starter!

3. Literal Laughs

Another funny idea is to get a tattoo of a Chinese character that is a literal representation of an English word. For example, the character for “cat” could be tattooed on your leg. This type of tattoo adds an element of surprise and humor to your body art.

4. Punny Phrases

If you’re a fan of puns, consider combining Chinese characters with English words to create clever phrases. For instance, you could get the character for “good” next to the word “fortune” to spell out “good fortune” in a whimsical way. It’s a witty twist on traditional Chinese calligraphy.

5. Mistranslated Quotes

Imagine the hilarity of getting a famous English quote translated into Chinese characters, but the translator bungles it completely. Instead of “The early bird catches the worm,” you might end up with a tattoo that says, “The morning bird gets the pancakes.” It’s a comical take on miscommunication.

6. Whimsical Warriors

Chinese characters for warriors and fighters can evoke a sense of strength and power. However, you can turn this concept on its head by getting a tattoo of a warrior character in a playful or silly pose. This unexpected twist injects lightheartedness into traditional Chinese symbolism.

7. Animal Antics

Combine Chinese characters with cute animal illustrations to create tattoos that are both funny and adorable. For example, pair the character for “peace” with a tiny panda doodle. This combination brings together two diverse elements, resulting in a whimsical and light-hearted design.

8. Unexpected Combinations

Consider combining Chinese characters and symbols together in unexpected ways to create humorous tattoos. For instance, pair the character for “love” with a symbol representing “pizza” to celebrate your love of this Italian dish. These unconventional designs will make people smile and spark interesting conversations.

Remember, the main goal of a funny tattoo is to bring joy and laughter. Just ensure that the chosen Chinese characters are accurate and respectful, so you don’t inadvertently offend anyone. Now that you have some amusing ideas, go ahead and get inked with a hilarious Chinese character tattoo that will make you and others smile!