Chinese Tattoos That Say Love

Chinese Tattoos That Say Love


Chinese culture has a deep-rooted history of artistic expression, and one way this is showcased is through the use of tattoos. Tattoos have been a part of Chinese culture for centuries and hold significant meaning. One popular theme among tattoo enthusiasts is the expression of love. In this blog post, we will explore some beautiful Chinese tattoo designs that symbolize love.

1. 爱 (Ài) – Love:

The simplest and most direct way to express love in Chinese is through the character 爱 (Ài). This character represents a deep affection and emotional attachment between individuals. When tattooed, 爱 often appears elegant and aesthetically pleasing. It can be tattooed alone or combined with other elements to create a more intricate design.

2. 情人 (Qíngrén) – Lover:

For those aiming to depict a more romantic notion of love, the term 情人 (Qíngrén) is a popular choice. This term specifically refers to a romantic partner or lover. Tattooing this term can be a personal way to showcase your affection towards your significant other or to honor the concept of love in a profound way.

3. 伴侣 (Bànlǚ) – Companion:

While the term 伴侣 (Bànlǚ) can be used to refer to a romantic partner, it also embodies a deeper connection as someone who accompanies you through life’s journey. This term represents a strong bond, friendship, and commitment. A tattoo of this character can symbolize a lifetime of companionship and unwavering support.

4. 心有所属 (Xīn yǒu suǒ shǔ) – Belong to Someone:

心有所属 (Xīn yǒu suǒ shǔ) translates to “belong to someone” and signifies that someone holds a special place in your heart. Tattooing this phrase serves as a declaration that your heart belongs to a particular person or group. It’s a beautiful and meaningful way to express loyalty, devotion, and love.

5. 青梅竹马 (Qīngméi zhúmǎ) – Childhood Sweetheart:

For those with a love story that started in childhood, 青梅竹马 (Qīngméi zhúmǎ) is a perfect choice. This term represents childhood sweethearts who have known and loved each other since their early years. Tattooing this phrase can evoke nostalgia and signify a love that has stood the test of time.

6. 恋人 (Liànrén) – Sweetheart:

If you prefer a more endearing term for your loved ones, 恋人 (Liànrén) is an ideal choice. This term carries a sense of passion and romantic love. Tattooing this term can be a way to celebrate the special connection between you and your partner, reminding you of the love you share every day.


Chinese tattoos that express love provide an opportunity to encapsulate deep emotions through beautiful, meaningful characters. Whether you choose a single character or combine different terms, each tattoo design represents a unique expression of love. Remember, when getting a tattoo, it’s essential to understand the cultural significance and ensure accurate translation. Embrace the artistry and symbolism of Chinese tattoos to carry your love proudly on your skin.