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Chinese Character Tattoo Fails: Hilarious Mistakes and Their Meaning

A tattoo can be a beautiful way to express oneself, but unfortunately, mistakes can happen. When it comes to Chinese character tattoos, the chances of getting lost in translation are quite high. In this blog post, we will explore some comical, yet unintended meanings behind Chinese character tattoos gone wrong. These amusing mishaps serve as a reminder to always double-check before permanently inking your body with foreign languages.

1. The Infamous “安” Tattoo:

One of the most notorious Chinese character tattoo fails is the simple character “安,” which means “peace” or “tranquility.” However, due to poor font choice or misplacement, this character is commonly mistaken for “pork,” leading to quite a few unintentionally humorous tattoos.

2. Lost in Translation – “愛” Gone Awry:

The symbol “愛” is a popular choice for those seeking to tattoo the word “love” on their bodies. However, some unfortunate souls have ended up with a completely different word altogether – “pork” once again. This blunder serves as a humorous reminder to consult a native speaker or reliable translation source before proceeding with the tattoo.

3. The Surprising “豬” Tattoo:

Speaking of pigs, it’s worth mentioning the character “豬,” which literally means “pig.” While some may intentionally choose this tattoo as a symbol of their childhood or animal affinity, others may find it hilarious if they were expecting a profound and meaningful message instead.

4. The Confusing “差” Tattoo:

The character “差” translates to “difference” or “discrepancy.” However, due to its similarity in appearance, it can easily be mistaken for “cha,” which means “tea.” Therefore, someone aiming for a meaningful tattoo about personal growth might unwittingly end up with a whimsical ode to afternoon tea.

5. The Unexpected “龍” Tattoo:

While the character “龍” represents the majestic creature “dragon,” it can be inked in a way that transforms it into something comical. Imagine wanting a fearsome dragon symbol, only to end up with a whimsical-looking creature that resembles a lizard with frilled spines. It’s a reminder that font choice and style can drastically alter the perception of a tattoo.

6. The Unfortunate “田” Tattoo:

The character “田” simply means “field.” Yet, due to its ubiquity and simplicity, it is easily misunderstood when tattooed alone. People may assume you have a profound love for agriculture or mistakenly think it represents a different character altogether.

As funny as these tattoo fails may be, it’s important to remember the significance of symbols and languages. Before getting a Chinese character tattoo, take the time to consult a native speaker or professional translator to ensure accuracy and avoid unintentional comedic mishaps. Tattoos are meant to be personal expressions, so it’s crucial to choose designs that truly represent your intended meaning.