Chinese Calligraphy – 福如東海,壽比南山 – Blog Post

福如東海,壽比南山 – A New Year’s Journey in Chinese Calligraphy


Chinese calligraphy, known as 书法 (shū fǎ) in Mandarin, is not just a form of writing but an art form that embodies the essence of Chinese culture. Each stroke carries meaning and intention, creating a harmonious balance between form and spirit. The brush dances on paper, capturing the essence of the moment and the emotions within.

In the art of calligraphy, every stroke matters. The flow of energy from the artist’s mind to their hand is transferred onto the paper, creating a visual poetry that speaks volumes without words. It is a meditation, a journey of self-discovery, and a way to connect with the past while looking towards the future.

As we welcome the new year, let us embrace the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and the wisdom it imparts. May our lives be filled with blessings as abundant as the Eastern Sea and longevity as enduring as the Southern Mountains.