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ISHO Calligraphy is a company specializing in selling Chinese calligraphy related products, and our calligraphers are all native Chinese speakers. Therefore, it can bring you authentic Chinese calligraphy products. We are good at Chinese painting, Chinese regular script, Chinese running script and other professional calligraphy. Among them, our running script and regular script are the most powerful. The products of running script and regular script written by us are often exhibited in provincial museums and national museums.

All the calligraphy we offer is unique in the world. Every word is handwritten by our professional calligraphers. These characters represent the advanced level of Chinese calligraphy. When you own it, it also represents a premium product of owning a piece of contemporary Chinese calligraphy. This is undoubtedly a very good deal. Choosing to buy calligraphy-related products at ISHO Calligraphy will definitely be the most cost-effective deal in your life.

The story of founded

ISHO Calligraphy was established in the summer of 2019. The goal of the establishment is to help the younger generation in China correct their calligraphy and make them write more beautiful fonts.
In the first year, ISHO Calligraphy successfully helped 68 students to correct his calligraphy successfully.

In the second year, due to the specialty of our calligraphy teacher, the parents of those students introduced more clients to us. Also in the second year, Lee, the founder of ISHO calligraphy, clearly understood the need to bring in more professional calligraphy teachers to help more students correct their fonts. So under Lee’s efforts, she cooperated with 2 other calligraphy teachers. During the year, ISHO calligraphy helped 300 students in total to improve his calligraphy.

In the third year, by chance, one of Lee’s American friends suddenly told Lee that he wanted to buy 5 Chinese seal carvings. He also said that many of his friends are very fond of Chinese calligraphy. This incident made Lee understand that there are also many people overseas who love Chinese calligraphy. So, Lee registered ISHOCalligraphy.com, eager to help people all over the world who love Chinese culture and Chinese calligraphy.

ISHO's calligraphy teachers

All of our calligraphy teachers are experts in their fields of expertise, and their calligraphy has been exhibited in national calligraphy exhibitions for many times.


Ying Li

Founder of ISHO Calligraphy
National calligrapher

ISHO calligraphy teacher 4

Yan Lin

National calligrapher

Yang Sun

National calligrapher

Qiqi Lu

Provincial calligrapher

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Customized Chinese calligraphy for you

Chinese calligraphers handwrite your own calligraphy for you, each of which is a unique work of art in the world.